Configuring Bundles in MVC 4

added by tdupont
4/1/2012 5:34:24 PM


The bundling, compression, and minification of JavaScript is important to the speed and performance of modern websites. This is why I was so excited to hear that such features were (finally) coming built in to ASP.NET MVC 4. Introducing MvcBundleConfig: a project that adds configuration and debugging features to MVC 4's bundling framework, and meets the needs and wants of a good minification framework.


4/2/2012 12:18:36 PM
I have been waiting for this feature for some time now! Will save me tons of time!

4/2/2012 12:25:49 PM
We're currently using Squishit on DNK, I wonder if this can be back-ported to web forms from MVC.