How to create custom forms in Orchard CMS with Email and reCaptcha

added by RobertTheGrey
4/30/2012 8:39:12 AM

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Forms should be easy right? Well, forms have a habit of making life difficult for web developers. But now finally, we can see how Orchard CMS can help make this easy with its rich extensibility model.


5/1/2012 9:27:38 AM
Wow, I really didn't realize how much power Orchard had. I may start recommending people use CMS's again. ;-)

5/1/2012 9:33:01 AM
Yeah, Orchard really did start out as a CMS geared more for developers IMO, but it's been getting increasingly better at catering to end users, with the added bonus of not losing any of its developer power potential!