Upgrade BlogEngine.net 2.5 to 2.6

added by jphellemons
6/7/2012 2:37:22 AM

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BlogEngine recently released version 2.6 (May the 14th). My blog was running 2.5 from 27th of July 2011. So it was time to update. The 2.6 new feature list has several great things on it, but a lot of features are for the administration dashboard. I use Windows Live Writer to prepare and publish posts. So I only use the dashboard to manage comments and sometimes settings. So the main reason for me to upgrade, is for all the minor bug fixes and improvements and the JavaScript and cascading style sheet minification and bundling which is available from Asp.Net 4 and above. Scott Guthrie has written about Bundling and Minification Support in November 2011. There is a good upgrade guide available online which I used, but since the upgrade path might differ from user to user, I have decided to blog mine