nvents 0.7 - now with POCO and IPC support available on nuget

added by Lord
6/18/2012 12:38:03 PM

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nvents is an open source library for strongly typed publishing/subscribing of events over the network


6/18/2012 12:38:42 PM
An interesting project, though this is the first I've heard of it. Seems like a lightweight, simple alternative to heavier options like NServiceBus. I'll have to keep this one on my radar.

6/18/2012 2:03:49 PM
Nice project! However, something bothers me... with Events being a static class, there's no way to have multiple services. What if you need some events to be handled in-process, and others to use IPC? My guess would be to implement a DispatcherService that distributes messages to one service or another, perhaps based on an attribute on the event class.

6/20/2012 3:02:15 AM
Since the static Events class is just a static wrapper for IService, you could just: new NamedPipiesService().Publish(new Foo())

6/20/2012 3:10:29 AM
Yes, you're right of course... didn't think of that