Windows 8 Metro: Dealing with new metro controls

added by KMillerr
6/25/2012 9:04:34 AM


The challenge for a completely new user experience, based on the touch-based interaction in metro style applications, requires a complete set of new controls that simplify developer's life. This is the reason why, compared with Silverlight and WPF, Metro offers some the controls that implement this new kind of interaction, giving a lot of features and customization points. GridView, ListView and FlipView togheter makes a new deal for developers because they have a higher level of perception over the commonly used Controls in xaml. In this article I would like to explore this level and go deep on some of the fundamental aspect of this triumvirate.


6/25/2012 9:43:15 AM
I love learning more and more about programming for Windows mobile oS environments thanks!