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On crime and document stores

Having worked with several storage paradigms over these last few months - from flatfiles, to NoSQL, to the big enterprisey relational databases -, I have spent plenty of time trying to make sense of all the options out there. It wasn't until I watched one of the last episodes of The Wire season 3 that I had an epiphany regarding modeling data in document stores.


That's a nice analogy for document stores vs relational stores. You definitely wind up hitting strong resistance when you try to enforce schema and relationships on a non-relational database. I feel this happens most often when people new to databases hear that NoSQL databases are "faster/web-scale/cooler", and try to fit their perfectly relational model into a document store.

This is somewhat similar to the situation regarding web apps. MVC was the flavor of the week so it also became the solution to every problem, regardless of whether it fit or not. Thankfully, it's getting better.

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