Quick tour visual studio 2012 features so far

added by jalpesh
7/1/2012 3:51:57 AM


I am writing a whole new feature series about Visual Studio 2012 new features. Following is the link for that. I have written couple of post there. Visual Studio 2012 features series. What's new in Visual Studio 2012 I thought it would be great idea to write summary post for this. So this post will be a summary of all the post I have written so far. Here it will describes what’s new in visual studio 2012 and what are the features that I have covered so far. It will be quick of tour of some of the feature in Visual Studio 2012. Visual studio 2012 first review(Earlier known as Visual studio 2011 beta) In this post, I have written about the Metro UI of visual studio 2012. It’s totally different then the older version of visual studio 2012. Now its empathize more on code instead of visual appealing things. In this blog post I have also described solution explorer and tool box features also. Following is a link for that.