Getting started with Twitter Bootstrap and ASP.Net MVC

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1/31/2013 3:16:40 PM

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In this blog I am going explain how are going integrate Twitter Bootstrap library with ASP.Net MVC. What is Twitter bootstrap: Twitter Bootstrap is open source library created by Twitter. As per twitter it’s Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It’s full featured framework for creating web sites. It includes CSS framework, JavaScript, JavaScript plug-ins,typography, Html scaffolding. There are lots of themes also available that are available so you can use that right away. Integrating Twitter bootstrap with ASP.Net MVC: Earlier we have to manually integrate Twitter bootstrap into the ASP.NET MVC like here. But now We have Twitter.Bootstrap.MVC4 Nuget packages that saves lots of time to adding bootstrap to MVC4 template. It’s very easily combines bootstrap into ASP.NET MVC application thanks to it’s authors Matt Hinze and Eric Hexter.