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The Google PageSpeed API & MVC 4

I often use tools such as Yahoo! YSlow and Google PageSpeed to profile the performance of my websites. These tools offer useful performance suggestions that will improve the speed and performance of my sites if implemented correctly. They both plug into the browser and can be run at the click of a button. Depending on how often you profile your website, it can be quite a manual process running the tool through the browser every time you wish to check the performance of a web page. Fortunately, Google have developed an API for the Google PageSpeed service.


Thanks for the article. Very illuminatin! Up until this evening I was blissfully unaware that any of these services had ever existed! I really learned something from this article, and really enjoyed it! Had good ole root through the rest of your site, and it has a number of great topics, I'll definitely be going through it in more detail.

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