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.Net Compact framework on Symbian

Red 5 Labs here in South Africa are nearly the completion of their latest project. Running the .Net Compact Framework on Symbian 60 OS!!!!


Looks good, I assume the Symbian dosent have the .NET compact framework?

not yet. There are compilers that convert your code to run on symbian but they costs thousands of US$. This, to my understanding, will be a free framework.

Thanks for the kick Steven!

To answer the questions: no, there is currently no .NET Compact Framework for Symbian devices. If you are going to target devices that run Symbian you have to use their own native flavour of C++, Java or Crossfire and all of these have drawbacks. For example, developing in Symbian Mobile C++ is *hard*, Java has no p/invoke, crossfire just converts managed .NET code to Java.

We have also not yet decided on the pricing model of the framework yet, you can read more about our current thoughts on the matter here:

Wow..that is some news.

i cant stop thinking of the possibilities.

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