Add custom fields to MVC 4 SimpleMembership

added by Gary Woodfine
4/3/2013 1:22:35 PM

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In MVC 4 there is a new Membership Provider, SimpleMembership Provider, with which I have been playing around with quite a bit for a new project I am working on. There has been a lot of discussions and debate regarding the SimpleMembership Provider and it seems that the community at large, does not like it. However, I am of the view that if it is going to save me sometime, and provide me with a quick and easy way to implement a standard website login facility then I’ll use it, knowing that I can quite easily fit in another at a later stage. However, that being said I did come across a particular situation today where I found that the SimpleMembership provider didn’t quite live up to it’s name, and something just wasn’t quite intuitive enough at first.