IDDD Tour notes (1/2)

added by JefClaes
5/8/2013 1:17:13 PM

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Two weeks ago I got to spend four days attending the IDDD Tour by Vaughn Vernon. Although my book queue has only allowed me to shallowly browse the book, I had high hopes for this course. I anticipated a week of getting lectured on DDD with a few practical exercises, but was blown away by the openness and interaction promoted by Vaughn and his associate Alberto Brandolini. A passionate group, engaging workshops, long days and lots of sharing made these few days exceptionally satisfying and inspirational. I'm grateful to those who got this show on the road; it was more than worth your trouble. Over these few days I scribbled down some things I thought were worth remembering or worth some more thought. Most of these are aimed at the strategic side of DDD and the softer side of software since that's where I acquired most new insights.