Webinar on 'Continuous Business Value through Agile'

5/16/2013 7:22:46 AM

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Join Tejus Datta as he speaks about how businesses can get real value through Agile. Some of the key takeaways from this talk are as follows. * 'Rational' Prioritization: How do you get the key stakeholder to prioritize the iteration with the right effort towards stories, CR, tech debt/tasks and bugs. * Identifying Value: How do you identify 'Business value' visually early enough? We will cover topics such as lo-fi prototyping, hi-fi prototyping etc. * The new definition of CRUD: 'Collect', 'Re-Use', 'Understand' and then 'Design' * Stakeholder becomes you: How do you gradually get your stakeholder to run the show instead of you in events such as Iteration Planning, Showcases etc? How is 'soft' business value delivered by upskilling the client? * CCP: Cut the crap, Copy, Paste best practices in your own process: How to setup the team to deliver key business value continuously. We will also talk about enablers in this section. You can follow us on Facebook & Twitter @compassites