Visual Studio 2012 Tip- Closed All But Pinned feature

added by jalpesh
5/16/2013 7:19:01 PM


Visual studio 2012 is one of best IDE I have ever used. Everyday I am discovering something new with that IDE which is more productive. Today I have discovered “Closed All But Pinned” feature. I thought It’s a good idea to write a quick tip post. Problem with Earlier Version: Earlier we used to have “Close All But This” feature from Visual Studio 2008 which will close all the files except the that file. But what we should do If we need to have more than one file opened. There was not way for it in Visual Studio 2008. So if we have requirement like above situation where we need to kept open more than one file. This features comes quite handy. You just have to pin files that you want it to be opened.