PostSharp's Great Reset: Announcing Project "Caravela", a Roslyn-based aspect framework

added by PostSharp
1/26/2021 2:00:00 PM


Today we’re excited to make a one-in-ten-year announcement: we’re releasing the first public preview of PostSharp “Caravela”, a Roslyn-based framework for code transformation and aspect-oriented programming. We intend PostSharp “Caravela” to become the successor of the MSIL-based PostSharp Framework and PostSharp SDK. PostSharp “Caravela” builds on 15 years of experience in code transformation and aspect-oriented programming but has been designed from scratch for C# 9 and modern development pipelines. It has a radically different approach than PostSharp. PostSharp “Caravela” is the future of aspect-oriented programming and metaprogramming in .NET. It will take us a long time to get there, but the possibilities are amazing and the path much less rocky than 10 years ago.