Announcement: Employee Info Starter Kit (v6.0–ASP.NET MVC Edition) is Released

added by joycsc
6/16/2013 10:13:23 AM


After a long wait, the next version of Employee Info Starter Kit is released! This starter kit is basically is a project template that contains code samples targeting a specific technology, such as ASP.NET Web Form, ASP.NET MVC etc. Since its first release, this open source project gained a huge popularity in the developer community and had 250K+ combined downloads. This starter kit is honored to be placed at the official ASP.NET site, along with other starter kits, which all are being considered as the “best” ASP.NET coding standards, recommended by Microsoft. EISK is showcased in Microsoft’s Channel 9’s Weekly Show, as well. The ASP.NET MVC Edition of the new version 6.0 bundles most of the greatest and successful platforms, frameworks and technologies together, to enable web developers to learn and build manageable and high performance web applications with rich user experience effectively and quickly.