Extending the Windows Azure Management Portal with your own Javascript bookmarklets

added by sandrino
7/17/2013 11:27:58 PM


Today I want to share a little trick I’ve been using for a while now to automate or improve some things in the Windows Azure Management Portal. Let’s start with the beginning. As you all probably know the Management Portal is a Single Page Application which relies on Javascript which talks to a REST API (let’s assume these are simply Actions in an ASP.NET MVC application returning a JsonResult). Now with Fiddler you can easily take a look at what happens when you browse the portal. In order to see this you’ll need to activate the “Decrypt HTTPS traffic” option in Tools, Fiddler Options, HTTPS. As you can see I’m able to see which data is sent to the portal and how the data comes back. This is a basic functionality of Fiddler – nothing new here – but it’s a nice starting point if we want to start customizing the portal. In this example you can see that the portal made a request to /MonetaryCredit and the response contained a JSON array with credit information for all my MSDN subscriptions where the monthly credit option is enabled. This is a good example to show why and how we could customize the portal.