Windows 8 Logos, Badges & Splash Screens of Riak

added by adron
8/10/2013 4:32:09 AM

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As I've started working on a Windows 8 project here at Basho, there are a few pieces of collateral that help out to bring some branding and appeal to the application appearance. The first two things to grab if you want build a good looking Riak + Windows 8 application are the assets for design. Basho Design Assets : This includes several transparent images for the Basho & Riak, Riak CS and Riak Enterprise logos. Toward the bottom of the page there are also a number of Bashomen that you can download. Windows 8 Store Design Assets : This page includes a lot of downloadable Photoshop & other design assets for putting together a Windows 8 user interface and experience. Windows 8 Design Guidelines : This page shows how the interactions on Windows 8 are supposed to be used, developed around and what their best use is. Windows 8 UX Patterns : A sampling of UX patterns for Windows 8.