Kncockout.js instroduction

added by jalpesh
8/11/2013 6:43:01 AM


We all know about jQuery It makes Java Script developers life very easy. But in Some scenarios jQuery does not help. For example there is no way where UI and data communicates with each other without writing complex code. Here JavaScript library knockout comes very handy. Knockout.js implement Model-View-View-Model pattern to JavaScript. Knockout js basics Key Features: Declarative bindings: It provides an easy way to bind your data with UI declaratively. You can use knockout observables with some html attributes. Whenever data changes it will automatically updates UI. Dependency Tracking: With this features it will automatically updates the UI whenever data changes. Extensibility: It can be easily extensible with new declarative bindings and it can recused every where. Templating: Knockout.js has a built in template engine which you can use with declarative bindings. It also supports third party template engines like jQuery templates and UnderScore.