A complete overview to get started with the Windows Azure Scheduler

added by sandrino
11/7/2013 8:56:37 AM


Job scheduling in Windows Azure, this has always been an interesting topic with plenty of solutions to get the “job” done: Mobile Services Scheduler, Quartz Scheduler, FluentScheduler, WebBackgrounder, ScheduledEnqueueTimeUtc, … While you can use these options to handle the job scheduling in your application, they’re not really targeting your Windows Azure applications running in a Windows Azure Web/Worker Role or Web Site. That’s why – almost a year ago – Aditi announced a new scalable task scheduler which was built to target your applications running in Windows Azure, the Aditi Scheduler (built by one of the Windows Azure legends; Ryan Dunn). A few months ago they even celebrated 500.000 jobs and support for Windows Azure Storage Queues. But a few days ago Microsoft announced a viable alternative to the Aditi Scheduler, the Windows Azure Scheduler: Windows Azure Scheduler allows you to invoke actions – such as calling HTTP/S endpoints or posting a message to a storage queue – on any schedule. With Scheduler, you create jobs in the cloud that reliably call services both inside and outside of Windows Azure and run those jobs on demand, on a regularly recurring schedule, or designate them for a future date. Let’s take a look…