Book Review:Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C#

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11/18/2013 1:45:03 PM

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This book deserves the subtitle “The fat-free guide to C# and the .NET framework” and should not be overlooked just because you have no plans to take the exam This title cleverly addresses the IT's professional's limited time available to acquire new skills. Nowadays, having knowledge in multiple programming languages, databases, BI, and in other CS fields, is increasingly essential. This book's fast paced approach gets the reader started in C# and the .NET framework in a snap, fulfilling today's demands when working under restricted time requirements. As such, characterizing the book as just an exam preparation guide does not do it justice, as it is equally useful to people not aiming to take the exam who have some C# experience and are in need of a clear-cut guide on where to head next, or those coming from another language wanting an overview of what the C# and the .NET framework have in store. While it cannot be considered as in depth or in detail, it nevertheless offers a complete overview, pointing the reader to the appropriate references when looking to elaborate.