Thursday May 5th

Wednesday May 4th

Tuesday May 3rd

Message oriented interop between WCF and Oracle App Server WSIF

A few weeks ago, in an SOA forum, someone inquired about which technologies to use to achieve untyped interactions with Web Services. Untyped interactions are interactions in which the Service Contract (WSDL, Policies, etc) is not available at design time. This is a classic Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) scenario in which multiple and generic interactions with Web Services are needed and in which generating specific proxies per Web Services is not a practical solution. Going back to my conversation, my response to the question was that the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) channel model in .NET and the Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) in J2EE are technologies that can address those types of scenarios. Surprisingly, when somebody else asked me about .NET-J2EE interoperability references for those technologies, mainly WSIF, I could not find a good example for them to reference.


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