Friday May 6th

Thursday May 5th

EntitySpaces to Support CodeSmith

EntitySpaces 2008 will greatly expand the reach of the EntitySpaces Architecture for the Microsoft .NET Framework by supporting both MyGeneration and CodeSmith. Our decision to support CodeSmith by no means indicates we are abandoning MyGeneration. MyGeneration will continue to be supported by EntitySpaces. We understand code generator loyalty, and we love MyGeneration. But, CodeSmith has its fervent followers, too. EntitySpaces 2008 will open up a new market for EntitySpaces and will give current EntitySpaces users a choice of generator. As of EntitySpaces 2008, the EntitySpaces Architecture will be a very viable choice for the CodeSmith Community. Supporting CodeSmith will have the added advantage of allowing users to generate their EntitySpaces architecture(s) from within Visual Studio 2005 via CodeSmith’s Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 integration. Supporting both MyGeneration and CodeSmith, as this post will outline, can be accomplished quite elegantly, and even allow for greater customization by the EntitySpaces Team.


Digital Batteries Online

Thanks for the batteries comment, I'm sure that we will all fulfill our battery needs on those sites from now on.

We need a way to report spam.

The 'report as spam' button works well for posts to dotnetkicks and I ban users who post spam the site. This user has been banned.

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