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EntitySpaces REST/POX API Codename Epoxy

Epoxy is a REST/POX webservice API that extends the EntitySpaces Architecture. If you are unfamiliar with what REST/POX is I would recommend checking out the excellent series over at Softies On Rails. This addition is meant to empower the creation of massively public http API's for any application that you develop with the EntitySpaces Architecture. Why would you want to expose your EntitySpaces objects via REST/POX and not just provide the defacto SOAP service API? Well, lets face it not everyone is living in the .NET world. Don't you want all your cool ruby coding friends to be able to consume your services easily? Of course you do, not to mention the 100's of other geeks that will write clients if only you allow them to do it in the language of their choice without jumping through a lot of hoops. For a more authoritative answer on when to use REST/POX instead of or in conjunction with SOAP, check out what Don Box has to say about it.


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