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Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection with Castle Windsor

First article of a 4 parts series about IoC and DI with Castle Windsor Container. This first part is an introduction to the core concepts and a simple example of how to start thinking in terms of IoC.


GREAT article. I never really understood what castle windsor was. Looking at their website didnt really help me. A small sample was all i needed. I dont now how many times i needed stuff like that, allways hacking something together myself. Kick it!

Thanks Duckie for the great review, I'm really glad I helped!

To defend the castle-project a bit, they do have a "Getting Started. I guess i just didnt find the project interesting when i visited it the last time

Thanks for writing this article, I'm looking forward to the rest. I just started digging into IoC and DI and your article made things a much more clear to me. Thanks man!!!!

The getting started does not cover many topics, instead I would suggest the series of posts you can find here:

@ hardbap, I've already written and submitted other two articles, just the last part is missing. The following two instead should be published soon.

Nice one...when are the 3 next coming up...I'm getting hungry:)

@ Anna, they're on their way. You can keep an eye on my blog (, but in the meanwhile check out the references at the bottom of the article, they are a great source of information.

To anyone who reads the article, I'd be grateful if you could leave your feedback there and eventually rate it. I don't get anything from it, just some gratification. Thanks ;-)

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