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DNK New Features: Profiles, Gravatars, Sortable Upcoming Stories

The open source project has picked up quite a bit of steam lately, over 75 commits have been made to the SubVersion trunk in the past week (rss feeds). It is great that the project is moving again, thanks to the wonders of open source and a great community. The two big new features this week are user profiles and upcoming story sorting.


It's nice to see the number of gravatars growing :)

The "Who's Online" feature is also pretty neat.

Should the user link go to the User Profile page or the Stories Kicked by User page? Right now, it goes to the Stories Kicked by User page.

I think I'll change it to go the the user profile page, I originally set it to go to the kicked stories page because the profile page wasn't implemented.

like the avatars and the online users page.

I like the avatar thing too. The upcoming stories feature was long overdue. Good job!

You can see the beginnings of a friend system :

Here is the issue on google code:

Very cool. :)

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