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NUnit Templates and Snippets for Visual Studio 2005 - Now support C#

This handy VSI Package has been updated to now include C# variants of the existing VB items. It includes project and item templates as well as code snippets to easily create NUnit test projects, fixtures and methods.



* A new VB and C# Project under My Templates called NUnit Tests which will create a whole test project with a reference to NUnit and a starter test fixture.
* A new VB and C# Project Item under My Templates called Test Fixture which will create a boiler plate class the same as the one initially created from the NUnit Tests project above.
* Three new Code Snippets for both VB and C#, all under My Code Snippets/NUnit for adding boiler plate Assertion, Expected Exception and Ignored tests. All are shortcutted beginning with Test making them easy to find.

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