Continuous Delivery - The Work and Flow of JavaScript Development

added by adron
5/27/2014 6:35:37 PM


In April, I wrote about The Work and Flow of JavaScript Development: Getting Started, detailing the steps I go though to set up a work situation and the flow I use to complete the work. This time, I’ll discuss how to get the project ready for multiple people and myself to code against, and implement continuous deployment practices that will give the team feedback in real time. Even if I’m the only one coding through the work and flow, I like to ensure that I can have anybody join in to the effort at any time. Project Repository The first step toward getting a project ready for a team to work on is to set up a public repository for everyone to work against. In an enterprise setting, this might be something like Subversion, git, or another source-control solution. For this example, let’s go with a git repository on Github.