Server Garbage Collection Mode in Microsoft Azure

added by Paul Wheeler
6/11/2014 6:07:32 PM


Microsoft Azure is a fantastic platform for building highly scalable software solutions. As with any software solution, the associated operational costs remain long after development has completed. Keeping the operational costs of the solution low may make the difference between success and failure! Most of these large-scale solutions have many different instances operating in a “server” mode. If these instances are written in .NET, you may realize increased density by using server Garbage Collection mode. Increased density typically reduces overall operational costs in a pay for what you consume environment. This post will discuss how to change the Garbage Collector mode used by an Azure Worker Role. We will not discuss the merits of one versus the other. This article will only focus on the Worker Role. However, the same concepts and techniques may be used to change the Web Roles mode by changing WaWebHost.exe.config instead of WaWorkerHost.exe.config.