3 Things I Learned From Seductive Interaction Design, Creating Playful, Fun and Effective User Exper

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6/29/2014 6:43:24 PM

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I should read more UX books. We! [Developers] should read more UX books. They are filled with wondrous jewels of information about the arcane arts of psychology and human behavior, of inestimable value when crafting effective and engaging user experiences. They are also beautiful, I haven’t seen a UX/Design book that wasn’t in itself a wonderful and inviting artpiece of a book. (ehrr… Jaime, always sooo enthusiastic) Seductive Interaction Design explores what lies beyond usability and takes us to the realm of emotions, that is, how can we design applications and services that are not only easy to use or convenient but pleasurable and meaningful. How can we design applications that can elicit an emotional connection in our users. How can we design applications that entice or seduce our users from the very first sight and into a long lasting relationship.