Spelling is hard; let's go parsing.

added by Paul Wheeler
6/30/2014 7:23:43 PM


Maybe it's old fashioned, but I try to spell things correctly. I don't always succeed, so I rely on tools to help. Integrated spell-checking for documents and email is ubiquitous, but there's not much support for source code. I've previously written about a code analysis rule I implemented for .NET/FxCop, but that doesn't help with JavaScript (which I've been using more and more). Sometimes I'll copy+paste source code into Microsoft Word, but that's an act of true desperation because there are so many false positives for keywords, variables, syntax, and the like. So I wrote a simple tool to reduce the noise, it's a simple command-line utility to extract strings and comments from a JavaScript file and write the results to standard output. Redirect that output to a file and open it in Word for a much improved spell-checking experience!