Sunday August 18th

I miss Microsoft Encarta

F# Weekly #33, 2019 - New and F# Community Heroes 2019 nomination!

Book Launch: Ultimate Guide To Microsoft Certification | Build Azure

Saturday August 17th

GameDev News - August 16, 2019

TWC9: .NET Core 3.0 Preview 8, Visual Studio Previews, GitHub Actions for Azure and more

Goodbye, Microsoft Professional Program Is Retiring | Build Azure

Friday August 16th

AutoMapper LINQ Support Deep Dive

Prevent reopening work item once closed | Azure DevOps (with Video) | Premier Developer

Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community - 2019.08.16 | Azure DevOps Blog

T-SQL 101: #24 Selecting ranges of values with the T-SQL BETWEEN operator in SQL Server

T-SQL 101: #25 Checking lists of values in SQL Server T-SQL by using the IN operator

System memory health check for ASP.NET Core

Understanding delta file changes and merge conflicts in Git pull requests | Azure DevOps Blog

Bogosort in C#

Microsoft MVP Award - How do you become an MVP?

WebView2Browser: A rich sample for WebView2

A Sample JavaScript App Using the Bing Spell Check API

Announcing TypeScript 3.6 RC | TypeScript

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18963

An introduction to decentralized identities

A Start-To-Finish Guide to Docker for .NET

All about types of Action Results in the Web API

Thursday August 15th

screencastR - Simple screen sharing app using SignalR streaming

Code, Recent Items, and Template Search In Visual Studio

Announcing the general availability of Azure Ultra Disk Storage

Entity Framework Core’s ultimate escape hatch

A bootstrapper script for the Cake .NET Core Global Tool on Alpine using ash

Reading Windows and Linux memory metrics with .NET Core

Editor Improvements in Visual Studio for Mac