Sunday July 21st

F# Weekly #29, 2019 - .NET Core FSI in Rider, Ionide Vim & FsHttp

Azure Tips and Tricks Part 208 - Set up a MEAN-based web application on a new Azure Linux virtual machine

TWC9: Microsoft Edge for Enterprise, Linux on Azure App Service, Apollo 11 and more

Saturday July 20th

GameDev News - July 19, 2019

Friday July 19th

KCDC 2019 - SQL Server DevOps

Almir Vuk: Let's Play with CollectionView Layouts in Xamarin.Forms

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18941

How HSBC built its PayMe for Business app on Microsoft Azure

SDU Tools: Is Week Day or Is Weekend in SQL Server T-SQL

SDU Tools: Add Weekdays in SQL Server T-SQL

You Can Get the Source Code for Apollo 11 and Even Take a Course on It

Reviewing mimalloc: Part I

KCDC 2019 - HTTP Security Headers

What Is MTTR? A Simple Definition That Will Help Your Team

Announcing TypeScript 3.6 Beta | TypeScript

Xamarin Podcast: XAML Hot Reload Is Out! 🔥🔄

Improve security with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution

What's new in Azure DevOps Sprint 154 | Azure DevOps Blog

Preview of Availability Zones for your Kubernetes cluster in Azure

Azure Blob Storage SAS Guidelines

Introducing PowerShell as .NET Global Tool | PowerShell

Thursday July 18th

Bivrost: Managing State with Vuex

DragonFruit and System.CommandLine is a new way to think about .NET Console apps

Direct Line with speech now available in preview

MileIQ and Azure Event Hubs: Billions of miles streamed

New ways to train custom language models - effortlessly!

Fastlane Automation For Mobile Apps | The Xamarin Show

Silo busting 2.0-Multi-protocol access for Azure Data Lake Storage

Making it easier to bring your Linux based web apps to Azure App Service

Conversational AI updates for July 2019