Saturday February 25th

Restarting Storm EventHub Topology on a new cluster

Temporary Fix: Logitech BRIO Camera broken on Windows 10 Insiders 15042

Effective feature isolation with TFVC - what do you think of the work-in-progress sandbox?

Friday February 24th

Xamarin .NET Workbooks - Interactive Computing is a stellar learning tool

sp_whoisactive and Azure SQL Database

DocumentDB Support for Aggregates

Doing Fuzzy Searches in SQL Server

Configuring ASP.NET Core Applications in Azure App Service

ASP.NET MVC 5 - Using Angular 2 with TypeScript in Visual Studio

How to view diffs of images in a GitHub repo - 054

What's in a Name? Spelling Matters in Code

Rapid API Development with Azure Functions

Using Oozie SLA on HDInsight clusters

Episode 223: Azure Managed Disks with Chetan Agarwal

How to run HyperV base Ubuntu VM full screen

Using PowerShell Modules in Azure Functions

Opening UWP to OpenZWave

How to Securely Share Secrets with Azure Key Vault and Azure Key Vault Explorer

Custom Model Binder in ASP.NET MVC

Opening Keynote

Cognitive Service API - Search

Making your APIs available to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Using Spinnaker's Release Pipeline for CD to Azure

Cognitive Services APIs: Knowledge

Wait, it's the weekend already? Happy Friday Five!

A New Monetization Opportunity: Application Extensions + Microsoft Affiliate Program

Mitigating arbitrary native code execution in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10, UWP, HoloLens & A Simple Two-Way Socket Library (Part 2)

TWC9: New Azure Functions, 5 Awesome VS 2017 Features, VS Launch Event and more...

Thursday February 23rd

Day 9 - Creating a .NET Core Console App inside of Visual Studio Code