Friday July 20th

Roundup #10: Octopus + Containers, Converting web.config to JSON, .NET's Memory Management

Thursday July 19th

Announcing .NET Framework 4.8 Early Access build 3632

How to Increase Quality with a Code Coverage Hack

Radio TFS Episode 162: Off the Rails with Josh and Gordon

.NET Core Code Coverage as a Global Tool with coverlet

Seamless A/B Testing, Deployment Slots and DNS Rollover with Azure Functions and Cloudflare Workers

Overriding Controller Authorization in ASP.NET MVC

Xamarin.Tip - Embed Your Xamarin.Forms Pages in Your Android Activities

University of Washington Data Visualization Course special lecture/industry showcase

7/19/18 Webinar: Next Generation Location and Data Analysis using Mapbox and Power BI

At last: Network Policies in AKS with kube-router

IP Restrictions on Azure App Service as expected behavior

Announcing the Java API Browser | Microsoft Docs

Spanification in RavenDB

Developing Mobile Apps with Xamarin Forms and Azure Functions

AI and Digital Feedback Loops

Leaky Apps Are Draining Your Data - Here's How You Plug the Hole

AutoMapper extensions for Microsoft DI 5.0 released

DevOps for Data Science On The DevOps Lab Show

Score one for the IT Pro: Azure File Sync is now generally available!

The July release of SQL Operations Studio is now available

7 Myths of Agile | Complete Developer Podcast

Azure Automation Runbooks with PowerShell

Mobile App Security with Kerry W. Lothrop

Adopting the word "organization"

Shortcut: Code outlining in SQL Server Management Studio

Wednesday July 18th

ASP.NET Core Identity Pages with ASP.NET Core 2.1

Protecting our users from the ESLint NPM package breach

Dashboard Updates in Public Preview

Xamarin.Forms: Official Bottom Navigation/Bottom Tabs on Android